We believe that our CSR strategy provides us with a clear direction
for how we lead intelligent cleaning to make your business smarter.

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CSR plays a vital role in the future of our business. Our new five-year growth strategy integrates sustainability in all areas of the business and introduces a renewed focus on increasing the sustainability of our portfolio and operations.

A systematized and cross-functional sustainability is continuously linked to Nilfisk’s core business and strategic priorities.

Nilfisk CSR战略模型2022

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide guidance for our work within CSR, ensuring that Nilfisk works towards more sustainable development in the future. Nilfisk specifically contributes to SDG number 3, “Good health and well-being”; SDG number 12, “Responsible production and consumption”; and SDG number 13, “气候行动”.

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In 2010, Nilfisk joined the United Nations 全球 Compact (UNGC) to further support our sustainability efforts and Nilfisk prepares Communication on progress report, 365电竞入口的年度企业社会责任报告是什么.

The UNGC supports businesses committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, 劳工权益, 环境, 和反腐败. We use CDP guidance to calculate and disclose our carbon footprint and have committed to Science Based Targets initiative.

更多信息请阅读 365电竞入口最新的社会责任报告.


"We want to explore sustainable cleaning with partners, 初创企业, researchers and students to rethink the concept of clean."

执行副总裁 & 在Nilfisk CMO

Hochwasser Aktion小

Showing solidarity and power of action in times of need

The summer of 2021 was a time of unprecedented natural disasters across 欧洲, including devastating flash floods in 德国, 比利时, 和土耳其, 哪里还爆发了野火.

Nilfisk colleagues were quick to respond in any way they could. Meet Karsten, Karl, Michael, and Fatih who all showed power of action when mostly needed.




Customer awareness of the value of refurbished cleaning equipment is increasing. Extension of a product’s life span by 50-100% is attractive both from a procurement and a sustainability point of view.

Nilfisk’s take-back program in the US will soon include subscription option. Meet our people behind this growing business.



A continued safe work 环境 requires a proactive mindset

A good and safe work 环境 is not a one-off, it is a constant journey. 在Nilfisk匈牙利, a clear focus on ‘near misses’ from top management to people on the shop floor shows positive changes in awareness and behaviour.


J B Pedersen小

Danish carbon emission reduction initiative surpasses Group target

Nilfisk has defined a carbon emission reduction target from purchased sources for e.g.到2030年,供暖和制冷的比例将达到35%. 365电竞入口在哈德逊的网站, 丹麦 took the lead and implemented a district heating solution delivering a 42% CO2 reduction the first year.


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Developing sustainable 产品 – now and in the future

Product sustainability is becoming more and more important – not just within the professional cleaning industry but across all industries.

Access the case story on how Nilfisk work on bringing new technologies and product features to market to reduce consumption of water, 能源和洗涤剂.



Nilfisk take-back programs bring new life to used 产品

Hundreds of Nilfisk machines are refurbished or recycled each year as part of our efforts to minimize waste.

More and more businesses are looking to rent or buy high-quality secondhand equipment, 循环经济正在发展, 也在专业的清洁行业. Access the case story on product refurbishment here.



安全第一! How Nilfisk increases behavioral safety site by site

在Nilfisk, we have a clear ambition to continuously increase workplace health and safety, reduce the number of incidents and make sure our employees are safe and engaged when working at our sites.


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