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有时需要的不仅仅是水. 它需要Ecoflex!

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与Nilfisk Ecoflex的好处

Nilfisk Ecoflex确保您的每一个地板清洁, from light traffic areas to heavily soiled areas in the most environmental friendly way, easily, 既高效又省钱!

Ecoflex will ensure you savings with NO compromise on the level of clean

Nilfisk Ecoflex ensures you will use significantly less detergent and water. You will increase productivity as you maintain a faster one​ pass cleaning schedule with NO compromise on the level of clean. You will save on training as Nilfisk Ecoflex is so easy to operate thanks to the easy to understand control panel and one touch operation.


你会学到什么是真正的绿色. Nilfisk Ecoflex ensures you get the most of your resources and allows you to develop a sustainable cleaning routine. Ecoflex system operates so efficiently that it significantly lowers environmental impact: in water, in detergent, 在能源使用等不太明显的领域.


Flexible and green cleaning with Ecoflex that fits your daily routines

Different areas, floor types and facilities need different cleaning. 有能力轻松选择正确的混合刷压力, 水和洗涤剂, 你可以解决任何清洁难题. Effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning  or different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button. 默认启动模式为绿色、低流量和无清洁剂.

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Nilfisk Ecoflex effectively eliminates the need to clean a floor several times over, 为了得到那些额外的脏补丁. Large surfaces are cleaned without spending precious time changing water or refilling tanks. Nilfisk Ecoflex is the perfect green solution for all hard floors – and easier to manage than ever before.

  1. Deep cleaning - Maximised cleaning effort for all kinds of high-traffic or heavily soiled areas – from vinyl to concrete floors.

  2. 绿色清洗- - - - - - Default eco-cleaning mode with lowflow water and regular brush pressure is ideal for green, 不用洗涤剂的日常清洁.

  3. Flexibility - With one touch of a button the operator may at will vary the performance of the machine to suit any degree of soiled.

  4. 60秒的能量爆发 -暂时增加洗涤剂的强度, solution flow and brush pressure for a one-minute extra deep scrubbing. 非常适合困难的补丁和表面.

  5. 低流量洗涤剂 - Eco Dosage System precisely matches detergent intensity to the level of dirt on the floor.

  6. Low-flow water - Intelligent Eco Solution mode reduces water consumption by as much as 70 percent.

  7. No pre-mixing -清洁剂和水在刷甲板上混合. 没有更多的溶液预混合,没有更多的水和洗涤剂浪费. 并且没有溶液罐需要清空或清洁.
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Whatever the job demands, Nilfisk Ecoflex makes getting it done easier. 只要按下按钮就好了, 绿色清洁-再推它一次,把脏补丁处理在一起, efficient boost. 你可以称之为一触魔法. 365电竞入口称之为Ecoflex.​

Water Only

Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean looks of floors.

Water only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and lowers cleaning costs. 这是最环保、最经济的清洁方式.


Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green-certified detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.


你所期望的艰难的清洁. 在标准洗涤剂稀释, 刷压力和流量, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt from grout and porous surfaces. 

Burst of power

不管环保与否,有时都需要付出额外的努力. For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges Ecoflex’s burst of power temporarily maximises brush pressure, 水和洗涤剂 for a single powerful cleaning boost at the touch of a button.

如果工作在60秒内完成, 只需再次按下按钮,回到生态清洁模式.​


普通的自来水可以很好地清洁许多表面. Nilfisk Ecoflex provides total flexibility to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button. Nilfisk’s strong sales of EcoFlex™ reflect the marketplace’s understanding of the cleaning power of ordinary tap water and the reality that certain soiled surfaces at times require detergent



评价电活化水的性能, plain tap water and cleaning with a common detergent on floor scrubbers, Nilfisk has  worked with several experts to design a comprehensive test procedure using accepted ASTM standards and best industry practice.
Nilfisk retained two independent and internationally-accredited labs to test the cleaning performance of today’s current floor scrubbers. The labs measured the cleaning efficiency when using three different cleaning solutions:

1. electrically-activated水
2. 用普通自来水和
3. 用自来水和洗涤剂

The results show that the floor scrubber using electrically-activated water performed no better than when that scrubber cleaned with only tap water. The results also indicate that when cleaning electrically-activated水, the scrubber did not clean as effectively as when the scrubber cleaned with a common detergent.
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